Il Nido Kea – Wellness Retreat is located on Kea island, Cyclades, Greece and offers events, seminars, therapies, meetings and several activities to all who seek connectivity, harmony and peace.

Silvia MacchiOur coordinator and director, Silvia Macchi, is an Italian Artist with many years of experience as a Choreographer – Dance therapist – Performer. Her mother started teaching her classical dancing from a very young age and since then she continues her search by achieving a holistic approach to culture and to the understanding and expression of the human body, beyond any form of classical and modern education, which she has named “Body Consciousness”. Her quest and search lies in nature, following ancient paths and places, which she incorporates in her Body Consciousness seminars in addition to the unique dance-theater installations inspired by the relationship of body to soul and that of man to nature.

We offer accommodation and various events along with Body Consciousness seminars for adults, young people and kids.

What is Body Consciousness ?

Body Consciousness seminars are aimed at learning how to listen to our body and our inner-self, thus respecting the body and ourselves. It is a process of self-awareness, awakening and expression of our uniqueness, through movement, dance, music and voice. Using the conscious breathing and the touch of the body to help us free the memories recorded our cells.

During the seminars we take advantage of our islands ancient sites and paths and their vibrating energy, as well as the feminine energy and the connection to nature, all of which make the process more pleasant, simple and immediate.
Ultimately the intend of a B.C. seminar is to recreate the balance and harmony within our selves, through a transformation inspired of symbols and process such as : “the intimate movement of our pelvic floor”, “the metamorphosis of the butterfly”, “the cocoon art therapy” and “the dance of the soul”.

Silvia Macchi