About Kea

Our island may be small but has a lot to offer, cultural-wise as well as entertaining-wise. We suggest a variety of ways of exploring the island and its secrets. There are several activities that you may enjoy such as, sailing trips, boat rides, fishing, sightseeing, trekking, diving, water sports, meditative excursions or simply walking around the island. The island of Kea has a lot of places to admire and many secrets to share, you just have to know how to get there (we do!)



How to get here

Kea is, a quick getaway from the city of Athens, conveniently located an hour away from Lavrion port, via ferry-boat, which is 40 minutes taxi or bus drive from Athens International Airport. After arriving in Kea, our retreat is only a 15′ drive.

The retreat is located (distances calculated by car):

  • 15’ from Kea harbor
  • 12’ from the central village
  • 12’ away from one of the most beautiful beaches, the beach of Spathi
  • 10’ away from Otzia
  • 8’ from a supermarket and bakery
  • 5’ from Kastriani monastery

You may find a rental car service useful, as local bus network does not fully cover the island. If you want to rent a car, especially during high season, we strongly advise that you book your rental in advance.


We are always trying to enrich our suggestion of activities, make your stay more interesting and help you get the most out of your Greek island experience.

Ancient Trails

Kea is a trekking paradise due to its trail network that stretches up to 81km and from which most of them stone-paved.  Those trails used to be a part of the islands ancient road network, circa 7th – 6th century, that used to connected the ancient cities-states. Nowadays these ancient trails will walk you through nature, around ancient sites, lead you to wonderful beaches and make your island experience unique.


Meditative excursions

We take advantage of the islands ancient trail network and organize meditative excursions along its routes. Mobilize your body, breath and calm your mind in unique settings around the island. The meditative excursions were born with the intention of regenerating our body in a simple and pleasant way. They are aimed at all people, young and adults, who wish to consciously connect with nature and the ancient energy of the wonderful archaeological sites of Kea. By means of exercises we devote awareness to our breathing, opening and stretching the body, releasing the energy condensed by stress, anxiety, anger, fatigue … fear … By purifying our body we allow it to recreate in a simple and pleasant and immediate way a new balance with more harmony between body, mind, emotions and spirit. With relaxation and visualization practices, breathing consciously, we pay attention to our interiority, increasing the flow of energy, filling our whole body with wellness and pleasure. We also organize the meditative excursions at your request, for small and large groups. Top two favorite suggestions would be the ancient path of Karthea and the one that comes to the source of Beniamin and the Lion.

Watch here last years meditative excursion ”Transform” video.



Another way of exploring would be by boat. We may provide you with the service of a sailing boat to explore beaches around the island that can only be reached by sea. And if you don’t like sailing there are independent rental motor boats that can get you there too.


Wreck diving

Covering all possible ways of exploring the island, you may find yourself diving to explore the wreck of HMHS Brittanic (sister ship to the infamous Titanic). A unique wreck dive that attracts experienced divers from all around the world. For more information visit our local diving center website.


Water sports

If water sports are your thing, you will find a water sport center on Koundouraki beach.